Joseph Metz Glass Art

Joseph Metz-Biographical information‑ Joseph has completed a 30-year career in the private practice of clinical and forensic psychology and earlier as an academician and researcher in the visual sciences. He was Professor and Chairman of the Department of Visual Sciences at the University of the Pacific and a senior scientist at the Institute of Medical Sciences in San Francisco. He has degrees in mathematics, physics, experimental and clinical psychology and received his Ph.D. from Kansas State University. Along the way Joseph has pursued aesthetic expression in a variety of media including wood, metal, glass and combining his own handmade creations with natural objects such as driftwood, rock and bone. Thirty five years ago, as a graduate student, he worked briefly with hot glass in the construction of laboratory equipment. He has recently developed a love of hot glass in its many forms of artistic expression and has created a new career in this domain. In an amazingly short time, Joseph has found a community of friends and mentors in glass art. Unlike his previous formal academic education, his glass education has mostly come from being welcomed in a number of glass studios across the country where he has observed and assisted artists at work. There he has been assigned tasks from sweeping floors to "cold work" (grinding and polishing glass) as well as the construction of furnaces and other equipment. The bountiful return has been invaluable lessons at the glass torch and furnace and initiation into the glass art community with its extensive technical and alchemical lore. He has also studied Venetian techniques at The Studio of the Coming Museum of Glass. 
The spectrum of current work includes sculptural and blown glass pieces made in the furnace and torch. This includes abstract solid sculpture such as the Embrace series, the Relationship series, the Mother and Child series and the very small blown glass Precious Bowls. In recent work, the Petroglyph Vessel series, he has re-created the petroglyphs and painting of ancient humans found on rocks and cave walls from archaeological locations in the Four Corners area(Colorado/Utah/Arizona/New Mexico) as well as European and African locations. His artistic techniques create the rocky cracked walls and petroglyphs on handcrafted blown glass vessels. The often organic shaped vessels and earthy patterns transilluminated by light through richly colored glass interiors impart the sense of seeing across time and space, ancient and contemporary. Joseph is constantly creating new chromatic combinations, both subtle and dramatic. From the colors flow interior forms of realistic and fanciful flowers, botanical and geological structures, as well as swirling miniature galaxies which are woven and frozen inside glass paperweights and abstract sculptures. More recently he is exploring painting in a variety of media. The studio is located at his home on 20 wooded acres in the Rocky Mountains west of Denver.