Joseph Metz Glass Art

This industrial lapping and polishing machine will meet the most exacting requirements of any production shop or glass studio.  It comes with a new 325 diamond pad and a Cerium polishing pad on the other plate.  These can be quickly changed with other magnetic abrasive pads or adapted to a fixed pad arrangement.  Its heavy duty motors are continuously variable speed with adjustments in easy operator reach.  Although I don’t know the exact weight of the unit, it is over 200  pounds.  The original cost of this machine was many thousands of dollars before it was acquired by me from the optical division of Lockeed Martin several years ago.  It is in good condition and will give many years of Industrial strength use. (See video below for demo.)   I am closing out my art glass studio and I am willing to sell this machine for $350.   Don't be fooled by this low price...this is the real deal!